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Blackface Sound Vintage Line:  real 1968-1972 chassis and components, blackfaced, balanced and optimized with larger impedance switchable transformers. We recommend the refurbished vintage EV and JBL speakers to match the amp, which represent some of the finest guitar speakers ever built and no longer available although nNew EV speakers are available. We do not ship the head without the matching speaker.

Blackface Sound Stereo Line (Spring 2011): hand-built point-to-point amplifiers, a redesigned vintage Twin with 2 X 40W Stereo output or 80W Mono.




  • A vintage Silverface Chassis is purchased on the open market.
  • Vulnerable components replaced with high quality modern equivalents.
  • The chassis is rewired to blackface specifications and bias.


  • The Vibrato channel is left entirely original.
  • The Normal channel: reverb, vibrato, higher gain, more agressive tonestack.
  • For 80 W models, a half-power switch is added.
  The Reverb 40 model churns out an effortless 40 Watts of vintage tube power.

Reverb is the classic deep spring reverb (17" 2 spring type)

J & J Tesla tubes are used throughout

On the left a Reverb 40 model with two 1 X 15 EV cabinets.

Wherever available a choice exists for 1X15 EV:

  • EV Vintage 15L ('70s)
  • EV Vintage SRO 15 (60's-70's)
  • EV Classic models (2010)

Vintage speakers are carefully reconed by reputable firms, and represent some of the finest guitar speakers ever made, conservatively rated at 400 Watts.

BlackfaceSound by Intersilo @2010